Optimization of production control of filling systems

To optimize production control of filling plants, we work with AtomicLiMES, a software developed, implemented and specialized by us since 2018. Our software plans your production automatically and optimizes your production planning.


AtomicLiMES not only plans based on fixed data sets, but also recognizes problems that occur during filling and constantly improves itself. While your product is being filled, data such as the rejection rate at the bottle inspector is determined, the filler speed and system status are measured. Based on this data, AtomicLiMES creates an efficiency analysis and calculates a realistic forecast for the production time of the next production of the same product type. This makes it possible to calculate future productions even better and to optimize the changeover process. Idle times are significantly reduced, product changes become faster.


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AtomicLIMES works as a crossover software, that combines BDE, MES, and ERP.

Ordinary software solutions in the industry work only in the subareas of PDA, MES, or ERP. An elaborately planned production often fails due to the reality of the operation process. If the planning is too optimistic, it quickly becomes obsolete. If it is too pessimistic, capacities are not fully exploited. Only those who know the product-specific efficiency of a plant can create accurate production planning. Therefore AtomicLiMES combines features of ERP, BDE, and MES. The product-specific efficiency is determined by each production. The current production planning is constantly updated, as are future production plans of the same product type after recalculation of the efficiency. AtomicLiMES downsizes the system. Calculations are faster, easier to maintain, and less prone to faults.






Open Source


AtomicLiMES is open source. This enables us to achieve short product cycles and fast reactions to errors.


Our software is designed to be highly modular and configurable. Therefore, with only little effort, our software adapts to your plant. Conventional programs are less flexible. Changes and adjustments are difficult or impossible. AtomicLiMES is different: if special adaptations require a program extension, it can be done without major programming effort.

You do not buy the software but a competent, specialized complete service for maintenance and operation.

  • Production Planning

    You can create production planning for one or more lines. The software includes product entries as well as format changes or cleaning.

    All entries are automatically checked for operational specifications and extended by these if necessary. If, for example, a product requires a CIP, this process automatically gets prepended.

  • Intelligent and Flexible Pallet Calculation

    AtomicLiMES accurately calculates the required number of empties pallets for the respective production. The calculation is based on production planning and forecast values.

    Unlike before, product changes do not require the removal of remaining empties or excess cases from the plant. AtomicLiMES calculates precisely and saves valuable time during the changing process.

    In case of deviations from forecast values, for instance, due to increased rejection at the bottle inspector, our software takes notice of it. The higher rejection rate is automatically corrected.

    Product losses, for example at the flash pasteurizer, are deducted from the production quantity and the pallet quantity is adjusted.

  • Production Line Monitoring

    Our software has access to the individual machines of a production line.

    The Weihenstephan protocol makes it possible to view production data of the entire line in an overview. Machine downtimes get recognized earlier, and quick intervention is possible.

    Also, individual values from a machine are centrally visual via our software. You always have an overview and your live data quickly at hand.

Benefits of AtomicLiMES


  • Adaptive Production Planning
  • Plausibility Check of Produktion Planning
  • Intelligent and Flexible Pallet Calculation
  • Production Line Overview
  • Live Data
  • Open Source Programming



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