Programmierung, Inbetriebnahme, Reparatur von Anlagen der Getränkeindustrie
Our mission
Systems in the beverage industry
repair, maintain, program
and put into operation - WORLDWIDE!
Programmierung, Inbetriebnahme, Reparatur von Anlagen der Getränkeindustrie
Our mission
Systems in the beverage industry
repair, maintain, program
and put into operation - WORLDWIDE!

Who we are

BIERNACKI ENGINEERING - A dynamic and versatile company

For over ten years, we program, install and maintain systems for the beverage industry worldwide – all over Europe, the USA, Asia, and in the Middle East. Among them are well-known machine manufacturers and companies in the beverage industry.

Biernacki Engineering combines technical understanding and practical skills in process engineering and filling technology, with field-proven knowledge in line programming.


Therefore we are one of the few companies that can repair, maintain, and program plants in the beverage industry.


What We Can Do for You

Whether your business is a family-run brewery with one bottling line and one product or a large-scale operation with several plants, lines, and a wide range of products – we offer you customized solutions for your challenges.

We know first hand how difficult it is for plant manufacturers to change standards or procedures. But those adjustments are essential to meet customers‘ needs.

This is where we come into play.
We can help you with:

  • Filling problems of all kinds
  • Efficiency increase, process optimization and process analysis
  • Programming of your systems
  • Updating your attachments
  • Retrofit of your systems
  • Interface optimization
  • Integration of new machines into your existing system
  • Remote maintenance of your systems
  • New products, formats and recipes
  • Commissioning and much more
  • How We Increase the Efficiency of Your Lines

    In order to increase the efficiency of a line, experience and precise system analysis are required as a basis. Depending on the initial situation and conditions, an efficiency increase in the double-digit percentage range according to DIN 8782 is possible. In our last major project, it was a remarkable 30%.
    A central point lies in the best possible digital connection and the coordination of the machines with each other. Machines from many different manufacturers are often located in one line, and they are frequently poorly coordinated with each other.

    Another important point is proactive control.

    Most machines in a line are from different manufacturers and they do not work optimally with each other, which results in unnecessary idle times. Usually, customers do not know there is room for optimization. Through intelligent networking, lines are coordinated and controlled far better, downtimes are reduced and efficiency is significantly increased.

  • How We Reduce Your Changeover Times

    Non-productive times represent an enormous potential to optimize the overall performance.
    From downsizing the process for the same product type to reducing the operators‘ workload through automated processes, a lot is possible. The key is: Lean changeover times increase efficiency.

  • Why We Can Program Your Systems to Fit Your Needs

    We program your plant control according to your requirements. Standard programs like Siemens Step7, TIA, Allen Bradley are our daily tools. We, therefore, implement software and hardware extensions quickly and effectively. Over the years, we have developed our own software modules when standard programs could not keep up with our customized designs.
    Depending on the application, we use Iconics, Zenon, WinCC, and Movicon for visualizations. If these programs are no longer sufficient, we also implement platform-independent visualizations via JavaScript. You can access plant data in your in-house intranet with a standard browser and have access to your plant at your desk at any time. And, of course, you can also do this from your smartphone or tablet on the go.

  • Retrofit? We Modernize Your Plant!

    Many customers work with the same systems for years and are very satisfied with them. However, while maintaining machines it often turns out that spare parts and suppliers are no longer available, or that manufacturers stopped servicing the systems. This is what happened at the Van der Mollen company, which had to stop its service. But we can help: We program customized updates for your system or integrate new programs – regardless of your system’s manufacturer.

    We also offer a complete electrical overhaul of your system, for example with a new safety concept. Production lines with machines from different manufacturers can be optimized too, through proactive cross-machine control.

    A machine manufacturer can only optimize and control the process of his own machine.  In modern production lines, however, it is necessary to find cross-machine solutions. Only then does your system become efficient.

  • Adjusting the system to newly developed products? Also no problem.

    We are happy to take over the adjustment of your plant to new products and new recipes.

    You should not have to struggle with outdated inflexible plants while developing innovative new products. With our experience, we will convert your plant according to your requirements. We are also the right address for format changes and mechanical or electrical support. By now we have efficiently packed a large variety of products – beer, wine, CSD, juices, mineral water, whey, and more.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning is always a unique process. We know the process very well and have put into operation series machines and prototypes worldwide. We would be pleased to support you on-site. May it be with the mechanics, electrics, or programming of your plant. We are also happy to take over the site management for you.

  • How You Can Maintain Your System From a Distance

    Common remote maintenance solutions have so far been very expensive. Manufacturers can only support their own machines via remote maintenance. And only they have access to remote maintenance. Wouldn’t it be better if remote maintenance would cover the whole plant? And if you could do it yourself? We

    offer you an independent remote maintenance system that allows you to access your equipment yourself. This system works across all machines and plants.

I don't measure success by my victories, but by whether I get better every year.
>> Eldrick Tont „Tiger“ Woods
  • Why Interface Optimization Increases Your Efficiency

    Good networking between the machines makes operation and troubleshooting much easier. Processes can run parallel and achieve better plant availability.  Additional signals for operator information facilitate fault correction. The optimization of interfaces saves production time. Malfunctions are detected earlier and better.

  • Why Partial Modernization Must Be Accompanied by Professionals

    Integration of new machines into an existing system

    Often only parts of a system are renewed. Now old and new machines have to communicate. Since very few manufacturers prepare their machines for this, frictional losses occur and inhibit the new machines to work optimally.  Implementing new machines into an existing system is one of our specialties. We already helped many customers to truly benefit from partial plant renewals through successful integration. Only those who fully understand the process can offer holistic solutions.

  • A common example from practice: the water flush.

    Depending on the manufacturer, a water flush is automatically triggered at intervals of 30 to 90 minutes. If a malfunction occurs, the surge is only executed after the malfunction has been eliminated. Unfortunately, this often happens even if the malfunction affects a downstream machine – and the filling machine would actually have time to let the surge run down. The reason for this is the lack of machine networking. If the filling machine knows that the malfunction has occurred on another machine, the surge in the filling machine can run down during the downtime. This shortens the production stop and increases production. Your system now works more efficiently!

    More examples:

    • Dynamic machine performance control
    • Operator guidance, error message transmission to operators‘ workstations
    • Automatic switching for glass change, see our product CAMERA NAME NOT KNOWN
    • And many more



Since 2018, we have been working with the AtomicLiMES software, developed, implemented and specialized by us, to optimize production control in bottling plants. Our software optimizes automated processes. After collecting machine data, AtomicLiMES produces an efficiency analysis and generates a forecast value for the duration of the next production of the same type. It allows you to optimize calculations and changeover processes. AtomicLiMES works as a crossover software, that combines BDE, MES, and ERP.

You can oversee everything
with one program.

With AtomicLiMES you produce faster, maintain easier and have fewer disturbances.



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Day view of the production planning

Line view

Live data dashboard

Entity Administration

Palette calculation

Week view of the production planning

New Glas Lense

Our prototype for an intelligent camera system

When changing glasses on the cleaning machine, there are often unnecessary disruptions or gaps in the bottle flow, too much pressure on the conveyor belts and so-called flashovers. This leads to error messages and production stops.

Thanks to our intelligent camera system,
we are the first company

that can offer automated switchover of the system when changing glasses.
This is how we reduce error messages and production stoppages on your system!


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We solve problems on systems. No matter which one and no matter where. Our previous areas of operation include India, China, Vietnam, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, the USA, Chile, Tanzania, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. And of course Germany and Europe.


BIERNACKI ENGINEERING - We are here for you


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