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We reduce error messages and production stoppages on your system!

Automated Changeover

When Changing Bottle Type
(Used Bottles/New Bottles)

During a bottle type change at the bottle washer, unnecessary disturbances, gaps in the bottle flow, excessive pressure on the conveyor belts, and so-called rollovers often occur. This results in fault messages and production stops. Due to our intelligent camera system, we are the first company that can offer an automated changeover of the line during bottle type changes. This way, fault messages and production stops at your plant get reduced! Our camera system detects changes in bottle type on the cleaning machine conveyor belt immediately and automatically commands adjustments on the plant, such as conveyor belt speed. These modifications are carried out by our system unattended. Regardless of the machine manufacturer you have or want to buy in the future, our system is compatible with all standard machine types.

Operating Principle

latest technology

Together with our partner SICK AG, we rely on the latest technology in the area of machine learning. If your bottle format is already known to the program, it is only necessary to install the camera. Adding new bottle types is easily managed in a one-time process. Initially, our camera takes numerous pictures of the bottle flow during start-up. After taking a sufficient amount of photos, both of used bottles and new bottles, an algorithm analyses them. Once analysis and adjustments are complete, the camera recognizes whether there are used bottles or new bottles on the conveyor belt. The program further induces any necessary changes automatically via the machine control.


directly into the machine control

Both camera and program are integrated directly into the machine control. The program then makes the necessary adjustments in the conveyor belt control – no operator is required. If your control system is slightly older, we offer a hardware interface to use this technology.

Future Goals


We are currently working on further expanding our camera system in its function. In the future, we want to detect foreign materials at the cleaning machine inlet. If foreign material is detected, our program can switch off the plant as a precautionary measure and thus prevent a crash. Another goal is to control and adjust the bottle infeed and the conveyor regulation at the bottle washer by camera detection. The camera would record the filling level on the conveyor belt and then dynamically operate the belt.



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